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We are sometimes contacted by people who are seeking legal advice or looking to hire an attorney who specializes in LGBTQ issues. We have created this directory to assist these potential clients. The Rainbow Law clinic is a free legal clinic that meets once each month. At the clinic, local attorneys who specialize in LGBTQ issues provide free advice. Additionally, the attorneys listed below represent clients on LGBTQ issues. While we believe this is an excellent list, we have not verified any of the information they provided. We list every attorney who requests to be added. If you would like to be added, please email us at 

Rainbow Law Free Clinic
Areas of Law:
 LGBT legal issues related to employment, estate planning, family law, etc.
When:  2nd Thursday of every month
Time:  6:00 pm- 7:30 pm
Location: Utah Pride Center. 255 East and 400 South in Salt Lake City
Sponsored by: S.J. Quinney College of Law, The Outlaws, The Pride Center, and LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah.

Dara R. Cohen
Firm Name: D. R. Cohen Law
Areas of Practice: Estate Planning and Probate
Phone Number: 801-616-2178

Leah Farrell
Firm Name: ACLU of Utah
Areas of Practice: Civil Rights Litigation
Phone Number: 801-871-0335

Danielle Hawkes
Firm Name: The Salt Lake Lawyers
Areas of Practice: Family Law Litigation (not estate planning), Name and Gender Change
Phone Number: 801-590-7555 (office), 801-243-5669 (cell)

Laura Milliken Gray
Firm Name: Laura Milliken Gray, P.C.
Areas of Practice: Estate Planning, Elder Law, Trusts, Probate, Adoption
Phone Number: 801-983-3309

Shane A. Marx
Firm Name: Marx Family Law, PLLC
Areas of Practice: Divorce, Alimony, Estate Planning, Adoption, Surrogacy, Child Custody, Same Sex Relationship Recognition & Dissolution, Pre/Post Marital Agreements, Paternity, Domestic Violence & Protective Orders
Phone Number: 801-326-0480
Email: or (paralegal)

Chris Wharton
Firm Name: Chris Wharton Law, LLC
Areas of Practice: Family Law, Criminal Defense, LGBT Advocacy
Phone Number: 801-649-3529

Jessica Couser
Firm Name: Just Law
Areas of Practice: Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Parentage, Common Law Marriage, Adoption, Guardianship, Name and Gender Marker Changes, Protective Orders, Child Support)
Phone Number: 801-467-1512

Nicole Salazar-Hall
Firm Name: Clyde Snow
Areas of Practice: Family Law (Divorce, Guardianship, Divorce Modifications, Child Custody, High-Earner Divorce, Adoption, Juvenile Court, Protective Orders, DCFS Matters, Estate Planning, Premarital Agreeements)
Phone Number: 801-433-2451

Rusty L. Andrade
Firm Name: Rusty L. Andrade, Attorney at Law
Areas of Practice: Incorporation (Small to Mid-Sized Companies), Transactions, and Contracts.  Note: No Litigation Area of Practice
Phone Number: 801-719-8141